We have approached TN Accountancy to receive advice with regard to the tax implications of the sale of a property abroad. They have supplied us with critical information, helping us plan the sale. Very clear report, good use of online technology to exchange documents and excellent delivery time. We have truly appreciated the service they had provided.
— Client testimonial – AT, London
We decided to use TN Accountancy following a period of not being happy with the Accountants we had been using for 12 years, therefore, this was a considerable change for us, having been with the same provider for such a long period of time.

I met Jack at a couple of networking events and he instilled in me; a sense of trust and honesty, as well as someone that I would like to do business with. As our move to TN Accountancy has been fairly recent, our experience has been first class, not just in terms of professional relationship, but also in terms of Jacks experience, which, in my view renders him more than capable of dealing with most businesses large and small, from both an accountancy and tax perspective.

During this time of using Jacks/TN Accountancy’s services, the difference in advice, knowledge, service and fees has been exceptional. We should have made the change a long time ago. We are more than happy to recommend TN Accountancy to anyone considering changing their Accountants or tax advisors. Don’t hesitate to make the move.
— Client testimonial – LC, Kent
As an estate planner who has consulted with Jack on a professional basis on several occasions I have found him to be a very diligent and knowledgeable professional who is always willing to go the extra mile for a client. He’s extremely helpful and nothing is too much for him when it comes to dealing with technical tax issues; if he doesn’t know it, he’ll find out, and he will come back to you with the answer.

His focus on efficiency and the use of the best technology in the face of the digital future of tax, plus his refreshing attitude to his subject and to personal service will ensure his fledgling company goes from strength to strength. Highly recommended.
— Professional contact testimonial – AM, Sussex
As the Managing Director of an Independent Financial Adviser practice, we have referred clients to Jack Sales of TN Accountancy and have been delighted with our client feedback. His comprehensive approach and client centric offering is a breath of fresh air.

With such a broad depth of knowledge, both in terms of the basics and the more in-depth needs of our clients, it is clear that TN Accountancy has both the resources and capabilities beyond what we have experienced from other practices. It is refreshing to find a company that is able to fulfil our broad client needs and who have both the technical and client service perspectives.
— Professional contact testimonial – WF, Hertfordshire
Since sitting down with Jack from TN accountancy I have been able to be a lot more organised, efficient and aware of how managing the Tax elements of my business can work best. They have taken all the stress away, and saved me both time and money – huge thanks to Jack for making things simple!
— Client testimonial – JH, Kent
Jack Sales’ advice in respect of my tax returns has always been entirely satisfactory and I have been impressed by his professional service and approachable manner.

He has shown an excellent working knowledge of both UK and overseas tax issues and I believe TN Accountancy’s use of a new tech platform can only enhance the services they provide.
— Client testimonial – AM, Kent
Having worked with TN Accountancy we have really appreciated how clearly and simply they have helped us understand the relevant areas regarding Corporation Tax for our business.

With an unusual business like ours (Motorsport Media and marketing) TN Accountancy have carefully taken time to underrstand how we work, and how our industry works, then have provided timely, accurate and efficient advice - hugely helpful to a relatively new business like ours. Crucially TN Accountancy have helped us move forward as a business.
— Client testimonial - SH, Kent